Profile: Lloyd Roden

About Lloyd Roden

With more than thirty years in the software industry, I have worked as a Developer, Test Analyst and Test Manager for a variety of different organisations. From 1999 to 2011 I worked as a consultant/partner within Grove Consultants. In 2011 I set up Lloyd Roden Consultancy, an independent training and consultancy company specialising in software testing.

My passion is to enthuse, excite and inspire people in the area of software testing and I have enjoyed opportunities to speak at various conferences throughout the world including STAREast, STARWest, EuroSTAR, AsiaSTAR, Belgium Testing Days, Nordic Testing Days, HUSTEF, CzechTest and Better Software as well as Special Interest Groups in software testing in several countries.

I was privileged to be Programme Chair for both the tenth and eleventh EuroSTAR conferences and won the European Testing Excellence award in 2004.

My Values

I believe that any work that I do, whether it be in the form of consultancy or training, must be relevant, practical and must make a difference to the individual as well as the organisation. It is important to me that people not only enjoy the courses that I run but they improve their skills in software testing which will ultimately reflect on the improved quality of the products being delivered by the organisation.

I also aim to be at the leading-edge of latest ideas and methodologies within the IT industry so as to remain relevant and real in what I deliver in the testing community.