Consultancy: Process Improvement

"if you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there"
Lewis Caroll

Once an assessment has been carried out and recommendations provided, I shall work with you and your organisation to help establish quick wins as well as both medium and long term improvement initiatives. Regular feedback and continuous support can also be provided so that the initiatives can be successfully implemented within the timeframes agreed.

Key areas that are considered for improving testing within your organisation:
  • test process
  • tool support for testing
  • testing within different lifecycle models
  • test design and the use of techniques
  • test execution
  • effective reporting
  • measurements
  • risk management
  • static testing
  • skills required for effective and efficient testers
  • test policies
  • test strategies
  • project retrospectives

If you would like to know more about improvement initiatives for your testing then please contact me.