Consultancy: Team Building

"a jelled team is a group of people so strongly knit together that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts"
Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister

It is often said that "people are the greatest asset to a company". Whilst this is true, individuals and teams often need motivation and encouragement to achieve their full potential. Understanding the strengths of each team member and the contributions that they can make is a vital part in achieving highly productive test teams. There are three ways I can help your organisation in building effective, efficient and productive test teams:
  • Motivational talks/presentations
  • Team role profiling and
  • Hands-on workshops

Motivational Talks

I can present a series of talks on various aspects of testing to help with team motivation and morale. The presentations are designed to be fun but with a serious message. They aim to encourage, enthuse and excite individuals and teams to improve and enhance their testing within projects. The duration of these presentations is flexible depending on the topic and your objectives, they can range from as little as 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Motivational Presentations

  • Apprenticeships - the core component in creating "Jedi Testers"
  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor to senior management
  • Building successful test teams
  • Cheap and Free Tools
  • It's a Bugs Life
  • Pairwise Testing - Orthogonal arrays and algorithms
  • Surviving or Thriving - top 10 lessons for every test professional
  • Test Estimation - a painful or painless experience
  • The Fragility of Agility - top 10 lessons for making Agile a success
  • The Test Manager's Dashboard - making it accurate and relevant
  • Top 10 myths and illusions in testing
  • Top Testing Challenges we face in IT today
  • You can't Sprint all the time - the importance of slack
  • Top Challenges in Testing Requirements

If you would like to know more about any of these presentations please visit my presentations page

Team Role Profiling

I have been accredited to run Belbin Team Roles to improve individual and team effectiveness. By completing a self-perception inventory you receive a report that gives you an overview of your behaviour, along with advice on how to project your strengths and be aware of potential weaknesses. When used in conjunction with other team members it will also highlight how the team interact which can ultimately help with the improvement of the team's productivity.

Hands-on Workshops

I provide a series of "hands-on" workshops that are designed to equip the Test Analyst and Test Manager to become more effective and efficient in what they do. These workshops can also be successful in bringing the team together. Workshops that currently exist include:
  • Advanced Test Techniques
  • Agile Testing
  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor to Senior Management
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Risk Based Testing
  • Test Estimation
  • Test Manager Dashboards
  • Quantifying the Value of Testing

If you would like to know more about any of these hands-on workshops please visit my workshops page