Licensing: What is Licensing

Licensing course materials

Licensing courseware is when permission is granted to organisations and individuals to use course materials through an agreement/contract. Producing and maintaining high quality training materials takes a significant amount of time and effort. Licensing courses ensures that you achieve a high standard of courseware without that large investment of time within your organisation on developing, achieving accreditation, and maintaining training materials. This investment in development and maintenance time has already been undertaken by myself, allowing organisations and individuals to concentrate on delivery rather than development of courseware.

Pricing structure

The pricing structure for licensing my materials is as follows:
  • on completion of a licensing agreement/contract a "1st-year fee" is paid depending on the duration of the course. Once this fee is paid then the materials are sent allowing unlimited training during the first year. Updates to the materials will only be supplied for mandatory syllabus changes allowing you to concentrate on the delivery of quality courses rather than receiving numerous updates.

  • at the end of the first and subsequent years you will be given the option of renewing the agreement for a reduced "subsequent-year fee", once this fee is paid then a new version of the materials will be supplied allowing unlimited training during the following year.