Consultancy: Assessments

"an independent, unbiased assessment of your organisation's current testing practices can provide new and innovative ideas for improvement, which can ultimately save time and money on projects"

The assessment involves interviewing key members of staff at all levels, reviewing test documentation and procedures as well as observing various aspects of testing being performed within the current project. It is important to work with your organisation throughout the assessment so that it aligns with any long term goals you might have.

There are 5 key objectives with any of the assessments undertaken by myself:

  • identify and build upon the strengths of your current test processes
  • determine areas of potential improvements for testing
  • establish how to increase both efficiency and effectiveness of testing
  • produce an assessment report which can be presented to management, detailing how the improvements can be achieved and timescales to consider
  • provide a good return on investment for your organisation

If you are interested in me providing a test assessment then please contact me.